Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Thursdays Oct 15 to Nov 12  2020 - 5 sessions
Taught by Santa Aloi and Stephen Flach

Mindfulness meditation, being present for our experience in the moment with awareness and acceptance, comes from the Buddhist tradition. These introductory classes draw upon the wisdom of that tradition as it relates to our contemporary lives.

Mindfulness Meditation is a profound way of connecting with how things are in our lives. Often in daily life we find we are disconnected to the body and hardly aware of what’s going on in our minds. Thoughts, emotions and reactions to events can pull us away into a world where we hardly keep track of ourselves! Paying attention with kindness allows for greater calm, clarity, and resourcefulness. In this series of classes we will work from a relaxed place to develop awareness of breath, body, feelings, thoughts and mind states. We will also have fun.


Dharma in Daily Life

Online,  Most Saturdays 1pm-3pm

This fall, join us for meditation sessions on special topics, featuring visiting teachers from the current IMS teacher training cohort. Each session will include a meditation period as well as a dharma talk and time for discussion on the day's topic.

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