Class:  Tuning the Mind - The Five Faculties of Meditation

Tuesdays starting March 2, 6 sessions, 7pm-9pm
Taught by Rachel Lewis

In this 6-week class, we will explore the Five Faculties: Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration and Wisdom. When these faculties are tuned appropriately, meditation practice conduces to awakening.

This class is most suitable for people with some meditation experience, rather than as an introduction to meditation.

Dharma in Daily Life - Come meditate and learn about Buddhism from these exciting new teachers! - Online

Saturday February 6, 1-3 pm PT: Shelly Graf will teach about going for refuge as a support in challenging times.

Saturday February 20, 1-3 pm PT: bruni davila will share her practice with us.

Saturday March 13, 1-3 pm PT: Roxanne Dault will share reflections on wise effort and learning to do less and to receive In our practice and daily life.

Saturday May 15, 1-3 pm PT: Jozen Gibson will share practices relating to truthfulness in speech and authenticity in life.

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