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Join with Sangha to bring in the Near Year

Saturday Jan 16h



After the tumultuous year of 2020, please join BCIMS teacher(s), Adrianne Ross and James Lowe to welcome the new year together with others in our sangha. This special celebratory program will be a 2-hour online event, held free of charge on January 16, 2 pm – 4 pm. There will be some meditation and a short dharma talk. Then we will take refuge in the dharma together, renew our precepts and set intentions for ourselves. Activities will include whole group and breakout groups.

In the breakout groups, there will be opportunities for participants to share a dharma quote, poetry, song lyrics or a short passage from a book. Although it is entirely optional, please consider your favourite dharma passage and participate in the sharing. 


We look forward to celebrating the arrival of 2021 with you.



Biweekly, Jan-April


The second round of BCIMS' white awareness study groups begins January 2021. These study groups are an invitation to bring change into the many places where systemic racism exists by seeing for ourselves how racism is playing out in us and others. To join, add your name to the Google list.

Click here to access the document. If you don't want to share your email on a public document, you can email one of the facilitators. 
You could also consider starting another group using the resources we're going to be using. Those resources are listed here and can be found on the BCIMS website as well. You are welcome to convene a group of your own friends to work through it at your own pace.

Having developed a closer sense of sangha and connection with each other, some of the groups from the first training are continuing to meet in different forms.  For example, one group has chosen to become a “book club” studying Ruth King’s Mindful of Race.  Members of another group are using the book The Racial Healing Handbook and have dubbed their new group “Collective Insight.”  The training continues to ripple outward and onward.

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