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Eightfold Path 9-month Study Program

Eightfold Path 9-month Study Program 

for Experienced Students

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Course Information

Thanks for your interest in this course! We’ve taught the Eightfold Path multiple times in a weekly evening format, and it always ends up feeling rushed. Our aspiration for this extended version of the course is to have time to really let the topics sink in, deepening both experiential realization and integrating more fully into our lives. We also intend to create an environment where relationships among practitioners and between practitioners and teachers can deepen.


This course includes monthly meetings, monthly one-on-one meetings with a practice mentor, and weekly check-ins with practice buddies, as well as your own individual practice and study. 


Monthly group meetings

We’ll meet each month on a Saturday from 1-5 pm. We’re counting on you to commit to showing up for all of these sessions. All meetings will be on Zoom.

  • Sept 18

  • Oct 16

  • Nov 13

  • Dec 11

  • Jan 15

  • Feb 12 

  • March 12

  • April 9

  • May 14


At these meetings we’ll have time for practice and discussion as well as dharma talks. Please come prepared to participate in small-group discussions.


Monthly mentor meetings

You’ll have a half-hour check-in with a mentor every month during the course. These meetings will be a chance to share your practice and to ask questions in a more intimate setting than the group meetings. Mentor meetings will be on Zoom, unless you and your mentor prefer to meet in person.


Practice buddies

It’s helpful to have someone to check in with regularly about your practice. To that end, we’re asking you to self-organize into groups of two or three and schedule weekly practice discussions. We’ll share more information about how to make that happen later in the summer. You and your buddies can decide whether to meet on Zoom or in person.


Practice and study materials

Each month we’ll be circulating documents with readings and suggestions for practice and contemplation. These study packets will guide you in deepening your understanding of the concepts and how to integrate them into your practice and life. 



Adrianne Ross and Rachel Lewis are the lead teachers for this program. In addition, course mentors (Santa Aloi, Jason Leslie, and Mina Chung) will be assisting at the monthly meetings and conducting some practice discussions. Other guest teachers may be featured from time to time.


Intended audience

We’re aiming this course at people with a substantial amount of retreat experience, who have already been practicing for some time. We intend to keep our series of Tuesday classes going, so if you have less practice experience or if you prefer a shorter-term commitment, you still have ways of connecting with BCIMS. 

We’re planning to cap registration at 30, to ensure that whole-group discussions are productive and engaging. 

You can apply here, and you’re welcome to apply even if you’re not sure if you have “substantial” retreat experience:

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