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We welcome with gratitude your donations to support
BCIMS’ Programs:



This has been a challenging year for all of us in so many ways.  Since the onset of the global pandemic BCIMS has adapted quickly to find creative ways to continue offering the Dharma to any who seek it. 


Our commitment to serving and supporting you, the Insight Meditation sangha in B.C. remains strong. While we have had to temporarily curtail our in person residential and non-residential retreats, meditation classes and sitting groups, we have stepped up our online presence. Thankfully, we continue to offer sitting groups and classes via Zoom, and have even increased the number of short retreats we had originally planned to offer this year.  Our program managers, volunteers and beloved teachers have helped us to continue spreading the Dharma that many of us have relied on to support us through these challenging times.

These increased program offerings have placed more demands on us as an organization and for this, we are profoundly humbled.

And it is also why we are asking you to help us cover the cost of continuing our work by considering a gift to BCIMS’ Program Funding this year in any way that makes sense to you.


All your gifts are appreciated, and we are making a special appeal for recurring (monthly) gifts.  Recurring gifts are a simple and effective way to support BCIMS as we adapt to ever-changing circumstances due to COVID-19. They help BCIMS to ensure a steady stream of income throughout the year and allow you to spread out your gifts. Even a small contribution per month adds up to a sizeable gift by the end of the year which we can use to deliver programs.


With your support, our mission to be a meeting place for anyone interested in learning more about the liberating teachings of the Buddha will not be placed on pause. We are deeply grateful for your gifts and generosity. Thank you.


BCIMS is a non-profit organization, and Canadian Income Tax receipts are issued for all donations, both one time and recurring.

In addition to being of great benefit to BCIMS, a donation of publicly traded securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably. Since capital gains taxes do not apply when giving stocks or mutual funds to charities, BCIMS receives the full fair market value when the security is sold and you get a charitable tax receipt which reflects the full amount of the gift. 


Your gift of securities entitles you to a donation receipt for the full market value (resale) of your contribution. Your gift will result in a non-refundable tax credit that will reduce your income taxes. You can use it in the year of your gift or carry it forward for up to five additional years. 


For more information on donating in this way, please click "Contact Us" at bottom of this page.  Please click the Donate Securities button to make your gift.