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BCIMS aims to be a meeting place for anyone interested in learning more about the liberating teachings of the Buddha, in furthering their meditation practice and in living their realization of the dharma.

Our aim is to provide access to the dharma at any level of interest, addressing both depth of practice and integration of dharma into life and community. We believe the dharma is for anyone who is interested and welcome everyone regardless of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, disability or age.

Our core values are to explore the possibility of freedom from suffering for everyone and to awaken the mind, heart and body. In working to fulfill this vision, teachers and Community Dharma Leaders will:

  • Offer teachings: classes and study groups, days of mindfulness (day-longs) and retreats

  • Support practice -sitting groups and retreats, individual interviews

  • Support sangha growth – social events, celebrations, volunteer activities

  • Encourage living the dharma in daily life: at home, in the workplace and in the larger community

Find local sitting groups to practice with here.

If you would like your sitting group listed, or one of us to lead a day of mindfulness or retreat in your community, please contact us.

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