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Senior Students

Santa Aloi

Santa has practiced in the Vipassana tradition for over 20 years. She has sat many long retreats and has completed both the Dedicated Practioners Program (2010) and the Advanced Practitioners Program (2017) at Spirit Rock.

She has been greatly influenced by the teachings of Ajahn Sumedho, with her main teachers being Phillip Moffitt, Adrianne Ross, Joseph Goldstein and Guy Armstrong. She has been authorized by Adrianne Ross and Phillip Moffitt to lead sitting groups and to teach introductory classes. A former Professor of Dance at SFU, choreographer and dancer, she taught movement and improvisation from a place of mindfulness of body, mind and heart.

Jenna Jordinson

Since 1984 Jenna has been attending yearly meditation retreats in the Theravada tradition. Her dharma journey has led her to train as an interfaith hospital chaplain where she has served patients and families at critical moments of their lives. She envisions a sangha where community members are supported with compassion at times of transition. Jenna has answered requests to lead sitting groups and teach introductory meditation classes. In the late 1990’s she managed the first local residential retreats of teachers Adrianne Ross and Joanne Broatch. Two meditation groups she started when her children were young continue now, over twenty years later. She is influenced by the teachings of Ajahn Chah from the Thai Forest tradition and Gregory Kramer's Insight Dialogue, among others. 

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