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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with BCIMS

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Welcome to the BCIMS Volunteer Opportunities page. We are a non-profit volunteer organization that runs mostly through the efforts of community members. We seek to integrate mindfulness into our volunteer work, and we see volunteering as as an opportunity to practice mindfulness with like-minded people.

After BCIMS assumed responsibility for the UBC Asian Retreats in 2017, we are seeking to build a consistent and stable volunteer pool. We want to have well trained and enthusiastic volunteers help other people experience the joy of the dharma.

As of June 29, 2018 we have closed a three month volunteer survey regarding what motivates volunteers and how community members want to contribute. We're looking at the feedback and planning the next steps. Likely, we're going to develop a user friendly contact list of volunteers, so keep an eye out for the upcoming "Want to volunteer" request.

Thank you very much for your wish to contribute.


BCIMS Board of Directors