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Karuna Sangha Support

BCIMS has a Karuna (compassion) Sangha Support group to assist those in our sangha who may need help for various reasons from time to time. It's an opportunity for us to practice generosity, compassionate action and to support each other in concrete, caring ways.

For example, if there’s a sudden or prolonged illness, surgery or other unexpected crisis. In short, it's an opportunity to live the dharma, and the meaning of sangha, which is community.

We can also offer spiritual care in the form of home or hospital visits for those experiencing grief, loss, transition, or crisis who would welcome any of the following: compassionate listening, someone to meditate with, guided meditation, chanting or Healing Touch.

A little over a year ago Joanne Broatch and I personally experienced the generosity of this group. At that time we had both undergone surgery and needed support in various ways: I needed someone to stay with me for the first few days at home; we both needed people to supply a few hot evening meals and someone to take us to the occasional doctor's appointment. We felt supported and cared for at a vulnerable time. This is a valuable and important service to offer and it builds a stronger, caring sangha.

If you would like to offer help from time to time or if you are in need of support please contact

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